iPhone 12 cases spotted for sale ahead of Sept. 15th keynote, launch remains unlikely

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Given the trajectory of 2020 thus far, anything could happen. That goes for what Apple will announce at its Special Keynote event on Tuesday. After the event was announced last week, it was quickly labeled the “2020 iPhone” keynote, until Bloomberg and countless others extinguished any hope of a new iPhone reveal.

Many are rejecting to buy into this narrative that the event will be focused on the Apple Watch and iPad. Apple’s annual September keynote addresses have always been focused on the iPhone and Apple Watch, to some, it’s hard for them to see Apple differ from that tradition. On the flip-side, Apple themselves confirmed this year’s new iPhones would be delayed by a few weeks.

Mass production for the new lineup reportedly started last week conforming to the idea that the new handsets will ship/launch to customers in October. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggests Apple could hold 3 separate events this fall with an iPhone focused keynote taking place in October, followed by a Mac event in November.

The biggest question that will remain unanswered until Tuesday is whether Apple will showcase the new iPhones and simply state that it’ll be arriving later next month, or if Apple will delay the announcement and shipments altogether. One analyst believes its the latter, saying Apple will announce the new handsets to keep up with tradition but delay its actual shipment until October.

In support of that theory, Reddit user u/monji_cat has shared images showing a series of different iPhone 12 cases for sale at the Aberdeen Shopping Center in Richmond, Canada. The cases themselves don’t tell us anything new, instead, simply confirm the sizes of the handset.

Apple usually shares the design dimensions and specifics with accessory makers in order for them to prepare for the products launch. With the iPhone 12 design having been finalized for some time, it’s highly likely the cases were simply put on display a tad-too early instead of hinting at launch on Tuesday. But, that won’t stop people from buying it, according to one Reddit user the cases work well on an iPhone 11 Pro Max despite them having been designed for flat edges.

For die-hard Apple fans who are pleading with Apple to announce its new iPhones this week, these cases will be enough to settle their hopes. In more realistic terms, once again, these cases were likely just put on display a little early by the shop. Given the sheer amount of credible and some conflicting reports about Apple’s keynote on Tuesday, it’s unlikely the iPhones will be making an appearance. But, it is Apple and it is 2020, so anything could happen.

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