Best Buy branch removes iPhone 11 from display ahead of Sept. 15th Apple Event

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A Reddit post has gained an immense amount of traction since it was posted showing a local Best Buy branch without the iPhone 11 lineup on display. Coming just one day ahead of Apple’s September Special Keynote event, it created an instant amount of speculation that Apple will indeed launch the iPhone 12 on Tuesday.

Despite your best hopes and wishes, it remains highly unlikely. Reading through the comments on the post there are mixed reactions, some calling it solid proof of the 2020 iPhones’ imminent arrival, others are calling in more logical explanations. One Reddit user says that it is possible the devices were taken down to revamp marketing videos and material for the existing lineup featuring iOS 14.

Another user says the branch could have been robbed with one individual saying that the devices can easily be ripped from the display. Another user rightfully points out that the devices may have been removed due to the COVID19 pandemic to limit contact. In a rebuttal, the original source of the image says that if true, other devices such as the iPad would have also been removed.

All in all, from Bloomberg and others, Apple is not poised to launch the iPhone 12 at its event on Tuesday. The event will instead be focused on the Apple Watch Series 6 with blood-oxygen tracking, a cheaper Apple Watch model, iPad Air 4, and the Apple One service bundle.

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