Fake AirPods? Nope, OnePlus Buds.

oneplus buds and airpods at jfk rect

On August 31st US Customs and Border Protection seized 2,000 counterfeit Apple AirPods with just one issue, they aren’t fake, they’re legitimate OnePlus Buds. The agency proudly showcased the “catch” via a tweet on its official account saying that if the OnePlus Buds were actual real AirPods it would be valued at almost $400,000.

Thankfully, OnePlus is taking it lightly replying to the tweet with “Hey, give those back”. Obviously, the OnePlus Buds clearly took lots of inspiration for its design from Apple’s AirPods. It’s not hard to see why border officials may have mistaken them for AirPods, but there is a case that clearly states “OnePlus Buds”.

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