Greg Joswiak holds first interview since becoming SVP of Worldwide Marketing

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One day ahead of the Apple Event, Apple’s brand new Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Greg Joswiak has held his first interview since replacing Phill Schiller in August to talk about Apple’s environmental promises and initiatives.

Greg, otherwise referred to as Joz was joined by Apple’s Vice President of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives, Lisa Jackson in an exclusive interview with British GQ magazine. In the interview, the two executives touch base on what Apple’s most recent pledge to be completely carbon neutral by 2030 means and how it plans to achieve it.

Apple has always highlighted Apple’s deep care for the environment, nearly aways mentioning how its products are environmentally friendly after their launch at Apple keynotes. As Joz says

“We’re always looking at ways to minimize the e-waste from our products, it’s a continuous effort and an important one. We’re fortunate that people buy a lot of Apple products, so we know that the decisions we make in this regard are going to have an enormous impact. It’s our responsibility to minimize packaging and minimize what’s in the packaging if it’s not something the consumer needs.”

Greg Joswiak

Apple’s goal to be completely carbon neutral by 2030 is a massive goal with some even questioning the $2 trillion tech-giants ability to achieve it. Apple’s Lisa Jackson admits its a massive undertaking but emphasizes Apple has a plan for it.

“It’s a really huge goal. Even saying it, I always get a little lump, because I know how much work is involved in doing it, but we have a very detailed plan.”

You can read the full interview with the magazine here.

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