Saudi Aramco overtakes Apple as the most valuable company in the world

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Apple and Saudi oil giant Aramco are the only two companies in the world to have achieved a market value of $2 trillion. In July, Apple reached a $2 trillion valuation following record highs for its stock despite the COVID19 pandemic.

In September, Apple’s stock dropped nearly 17% resulting in its market value dropping to just shy of $2 trillion at $1.9 trillion. Now, Saudi Aramco has officially overtaken Apple as the world’s most valuable company, Bloomberg reports.

Saudi Aramco is once again the world’s most valuable company after its market capitalization rose a shade above Apple Inc. amid a slump in U.S. technology shares.

The state oil giant’s stock has gained 1.1% in Riyadh this month, despite Brent crude dropping 12% to below $40 a barrel as concerns about an acceleration in coronavirus infections mount.

While Aramco has much to celebrate, analysts are expecting a “supercycle” for Apple in October following the release of the first 5G supported iPhones alongside increased usage of Apple services thanks to a new service bundle.

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