iOS and iPadOS 14 officially launching to the public on September 16th

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UPDATE- September 16th at 10:50AM PT

Apple has delayed the rollout of iOS 14 to the public past its normal 10 AM PT launch. We can confirm that Apple reseeded the iOS 14 GM for users on the developer/public beta program 13 minutes past 10AM PT. That meant that for some beta users iOS 14 was appearing as an update, but it remained the same build.

As noted by YouTuber Brandon Butch, Apple’s website in India states that iOS 14 will be released on the 17th, due to time zone difference that means a release will not take place until at least 2:30 PM EST time.

Today Apple announced that iOS and iPadOS 14 will launch to the public on September 16th, providing all iOS and iPadOS users the biggest change to iOS since iOS 7.

iOS/iPadOS 14 includes major visual changes to the visuals of your device. Firstly, completely redesigned widgets are more interactive, lively, dynamic, and come in different sizes giving developers and users alike more freedom and fine-tune control over their widget experience. Plus, they can be added to your homescreen giving you a completely new level of personalization and customization to your device.

There is also “App library”, a new page at the most extreme right-end of your homescreen where your device will automatically group your apps by category. By doing this, you’re able to remove apps from your homescreen and simply keep them in your App Library. Apple gives you the option to either add downloaded apps to your homescreen and App Library or simply to your App Library

Other changes coming to both iOS and iPadOS 14 include a redesigned experience with Siri, now not taking up the entire screen, and provides results as a clean banner at the top. A redesigned call interface is also present, once again like Siri it doesn’t obstruct your view and is simply a banner at the top of your device.

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