You can now select Microsoft Edge as a default browser on iOS 14

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On iOS 14 Apple is giving users the ability to select default apps from email and mail. While iOS 14 hasn’t officially launched to the public yet, you can already begin to use the feature.

In its latest update to the App Store, Microsoft Edge enables users to select it as a default web browser on iOS and iPadOS 14. Last week Google Chrome was updated to support the feature. To select a default app simply head over to the Settings page for either Chrome or Edge, Default Browser App, and from there you’ll see a list of browsers on your device that support the feature.

Following WWDC Apple laid out the requirements apps must meet in order to be considered a default app. For web browsers, apps must “provide a text field for entering a URL, search tools for finding relevant links on the internet, or curated lists of bookmarks” upon launch and must provide a “Safe Browsing” mode.

Selecting 3rd party apps as a default browser means that whenever you click on a link on iOS or iPadOS 14 instead of being direct to Apple’s native Safari, you’ll be directed to the browser of your choosing. While selecting a default email app is a feature, it doesn’t seem to be live just yet.

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