Apollo for Reddit updated with iOS 14 widgets

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With the public launch of iOS and iPadOS 14, despite the short notice from Apple developers are still working hard on updating and releasing updates to their apps to support iOS 14 features, including WidgetKit.

Today one of the most popular, if not the most popular Reddit apps got updated, Apollo. In a massive app update, today Apollo got updated with a staggering 16 widgets. In theory, there are 5 families of widgets, each with their own selection of sizes. Firstly there is “Post Widget” which simply shows you a post from a Reddit feed of your choice. it has a small, medium, and large size with each showing you how many Upvote and comments that specific post has.

The 2nd family of widgets is the “Multiple Post Widget,” which instead of showing you one post from a feed of your choosing it will show you a list of multiple. It also comes in 3 different sizes and shows you the many of Upvotes and comments each post has. The third family is similar but instead of showing you a list of posts, it will present them in a grid with the corresponding image (if there is one). The “Post Feed Grid” widget has a small and medium-size which shows you a total of 4 different sizes.

Next, there is the “Wallpaper Widget” which as you’d expect rotates through different images from subreddits based on images that you can then click on and make as your wallpaper. Each of the 3 widget sizes shows you the title of the image alongside who posted it. The last.3 family fo widgets include 2 subreddit shortcuts giving you quick access to either 4 or 8 subreddits, a “Showerhtoughts Widget” which rotates through posts in the Shoeerthoughts subreddit, and a jokes widget to make you laugh.

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