Apple hands over iCloud info. of a man accused of arson to the FBI

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Apple has given the FBI “vital evidence” from an iCloud account of a protester arrested in May who is accused of firebombing a police car during a George Floyd protest, Forbes reports.

In Seattle, the FBI was alerted to an individual who police believe set fire to at least two police cars who were patrolling the area during city-wide protest. Thanks to social media tracking, news coverage, and surveillance cameras they were able to fully identify and track down the individual named Kelly Jackson. They also had obtained data from Jackson’s carrier, Verizon which revealed his exact location and revealed he was making calls on an iPhone 7.

According to the search warrant used by the FBI to gain access to iCloud information seen by Forbes, Apple handed over screenshots saved in Jackson’s iCloud photo library. One of the two screenshots according to Forbes was of an Instagram post promoting the protest, and the 2nd was a screenshot from file with ingredients for a Molotov cocktail. Apple also handed over a video located in Jackson’s photo library which showed criminal activity, including footage of a police car being set on fire.

Apple didn’t respond to comment from Forbes.

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