CARROT weather app updated with iOS 14 widget support

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Charismatic and rude weather app CARROT got updated today with support for iOS 14 widgets. There are a total of 12 widgets, however, 7 out of the 12 require a Tier 1 or Tier 3 subscription.

The two main widgets are called Snark, in a small and medium-size, they deliver quick information about the weather such as the temperature, and the forecast for the next few hours. Alongside that, you get a snarky message such as “I brought the sun out so I could blind you with it”. The next set of widgets are called Forecast, similar to Snark it delivers you quick information on the weather ina slightly reformatted way and includes a large size with hourly and weekly forecasts.

The widgets that require a Tier 1 level which cost $0.99 USD per month include a purely hourly forecast in a small and medium-size, and a small and medium-sized widget for purely weekly forecasts. The last 3 widgets are weather maps that require a Tier 3 subscription which costs $7.99 USD per month. as you’d expect the widgets in 3 separate sizes show a live radar look at your city with any storms that are in the area.

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