Developers stress as iOS 14 release inches closer while apps remain unready

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At its September 15th “Time Flies” event, Apple announced iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, and tvOS 14 will launch to the public the very next day, September 16th. At its core beta updates are aimed for developers to test and prepare their apps for that year’s new features, such as Widgets or App Clips for iOS 14.

Last year iOS 13 rolled out to the public 10 days after the 2019 September keynote, giving developers plenty of time to test their apps on iOS 13’s GM build. This year, the GM build of iOS/iPadOS 14 was released around an hour after the keynote where the news broke of iOS 14’s imminent release.

Apple’s decision to release its new OS’s (excluding macOS) threw many developers off guard, with very few having their apps ready for primetime. Popular podcast app Overcast says that the app won’t be ready with iOS 14 features tomorrow. Developer Steve Troughton-Smith notes that even if the app is ready, the App Review process can take several hours to several days, adding a “whole lot of unnecessary stress on developers”.

Developer Nathan Lawrence behind popular Twitter client Nighthawk says he’s unsure if he’ll hold off on releasing the update since the features that have been tested aren’t all the features he wants to provide users on iOS 14. Popular developer Guilhemere Rambo also saying that apps won’t be ready for iOS and iPadOS 14 when it launches. Jason Snell, a writer, and podcast host also weighing in saying Apple has given developers no real-time to submit apps.

On top of that added stress on developers, Apple has caused its App Store review team an overload of work. Thousands of apps are being submitted, rushing to be approved before iOS 14’s big update. For users, it’ll likely mean many apps are immediately updated with iOS 14 features such as Widgets or App Clips, and if they are updated, they could be buggy if they were rushed.

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