How to go from the iOS 14 beta to the public release

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Today Apple will launch iOS and iPadOS 14 to the world after months and weeks of beta testing. iOS 14 includes the biggest redesign to iOS since iOS 7 with the introduction of homescreen widgets, App Library, and a compact call, and Siri UI. It’s an overall exciting update. For those who have been running the iOS and iPadOS 14 betas, you’ll want to jump onto the official stable public release. Here’s how to do it:

1. You may already be on it…

Following its “Time Flies” keynote on September 15th, Apple seeded the iOS and iPadOS 14 GM, or golden master. This is the final version of the OS that will ship to customers. If you’ve been receiving beta updates via the beta profile, you would have received the GM seed. The iOS & iPadOS 14 GM build is 18A373. Assuming that Apple doesn’t make any last-minute changes, you’re already running the public version of iOS 14.

2. Delete the beta profile, restart, and voila!

If you are on an older version of iOS or iPadOS 14 and want to jump straight onto the public release then head over into Settings, General, Profile, select the “iOS 14 Beta Software Profile” and delete it. By doing this your device will no longer fetch OS updates from Apple’s beta servers, but instead its public servers.

After deleting the profile if you don’t see iOS 14 (once it’s live) inside of the Software Updates page, restart your device or wait a few minutes. While Apple releases OS updates for all devices around the world at the same time, it may take a few minutes for it perpetrate to your region.

3. Do a clean restore

If you want the best out of the new update with as little bugs and issues as possible, we advise doing a clean restore via iTunes/Finder. Doing a clean restore will reinstall the entire OS on your device. Your Windows/Mac will download the latest version of iOS and completely get rid of your personal data, files, apps, and more. Once done, it’ll be like a brand new device. You can find Apple’s instructions on how to do a restore here.

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