Readdle updates suite of productivity apps with support for iOS 14 widgets

readdle update with calnder 5 Rect

Readdle today updated its range of ultra-popular apps including Spark, Documents, PDF Expert, Calendar 5, and Scanner Pro all with support for iOS 14 widgets. We break down the new widgets for each app below.

PDF Expert and Documents

PDF Expert and Documents are two of Readdle’s flagship all-in-one PDF and file management apps. PDF expert includes 13, and Documents includes 12 widgets on iOS 14. Although they can be classified into 4 categories. The first set of widgets being offered in a small, medium, and large size and are labeled as “Music”. These widgets allow you to quickly access saved audio files that you have saved locally on the app, or stored in iCloud. The 2nd family of widgets is Recents, which as it sounds will show your most recently accessed files, coming in 3 different sizes. 3rd is Favorites which shows your favorite PDFs, folders, files, etc…, also has 3 varying sizes.

The last family of widgets include 3 small widgets and one medium widget Two of the smaller widgets are simplifed verisonf of the Recent and Favroites family, and one is Computer allowing you to connect your device to a PC or Mac. The medium sized widget is a shortcut to Recents, Favroites, and Computer.

Calendar 5

Calendar 5 has a total of 6 widgets, one being a simple small widget that shows you the current month, with the current date highlighted. The next two widgets are for your upcoming events which show your events that are upcoming, if you have none it’ll show you a nice little “Take your time” message. There is also a large Agenda widget that shows your upcoming events alongside any tasks that you have, additionally there is a small, medium, and large widget specifically for tasks.


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