Popular email app Spark gains iOS 14 widget support

spark updated for widgets Rect

As Apple launched iOS and iPadOS 14 today, apps on the App Store are getting updated to support all of its new features, mainly WidgetKit. Today email app Spark released its mega iOS 14 update including support for iOS 14 widgets amongst support for 2FA for Offie 365 account.

The latest version of the app released today includes a total of 9 different widgets, varying in sizes and functionality. There are two small widgets, one showing you your number of unread emails in categories such as news, notifications, etc, the 2nd one offers you a countdown until your next calendar event. Moving up the size ranks, there are 3 medium-sized widgets, one with a timeline of your calendar, another with your events in a list view, and lastly one showing you your most recent emails.

Finally, there are 3 large sized widgets each showing your most recent emails however they differ in bottom row punctuality. One has no bottom row and simply show your inbox, one offers quick access to search your inbox, make a calendar event, check your email attachments, and to compose an email. The last one shows your upcoming calendar event.

You can download Spark from the App Store here.

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