WaterMinder makes sure you’re drinking enough water with new iOS 14 widgets

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In an app update today WaterMinder got updated with support for iOS 14 widgets. The app focused around making sure you’re drinking enough water has a total of 10 brand new widgets for you to use.

Each widget shows you your current hydration level, each simply different in visuals. There are 5 small widgets, the simplest being a human figure with your current water levels. There are two medium-sized widgets, one being a graph of your water intake for the week, alongside your current hydration and average levels. The 2nd includes the ability to log a drink of water and shows you a horizontal bar graph and how far you are towards reaching your goal.

More interestingly, there are 3 large widgets. The first features a full-size human figure filled up with your current hydration levels, alongside your percentage towards your goal, and quick toggles to log a glass of water. The 2nd large widget includes a circular graph showing you your daily progress towards your goal, and finally, the 3rd includes a weekly bar graph of your intake alongside other statistics.

All of the new widgets are apart of the apps latest update, you can purchase the app here for $4.99.

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