Alleged iPhone 12 Pro Max scores show disappointing performance gains

ipone 12 pro max scroes rect

Twitter account Ice Universe has shared screenshots allegedly showing AnTutu scores for the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro Max powered with the A14 chip. Apple introduced its A14 Bionic chip in the iPad Air 4th gen. introduced this week at its “Time Flies” event.

Apple says the A14 Bionic chip, a subtype of the standard A14 chip that is expected to come with the iPhone 12 is 40% faster in CPU performance vs. the A12 Bionic and 30% faster in graphics performance. Given those are in comparison to the A12 Bionic and not the A13 Bionic, actual improvements over last year’s chip are minimal.


According to the leaked scores, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is only around 15% faster than the iPhone 11 Pro Max in CPU performance and only 3% faster in GPU performance. While the scores are low, they may be a prototype or a test model and actual performance on the final flagship is hoped to be higher.

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