Apple envisioned new “Fitness+” service even before COVID19

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On Wednesday, Apple’s COO, or Chief Operating Officer Jeff Wiliams says that Apple has been working on its new fitness service called “Fitness+'” for quite a while, before COVID19 or even work-from-home procedures, as Reuters reports:

Apple Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams said in an interview on Wednesday that work on the service started “quite a while ago.” He described it as “a natural extension of the goal of Apple Watch, which is to help people live a better day.”

“At least pre-Covid, if you could write one prescription for the world from physicians, it would have been to be more active. It’s so powerful,” Williams said in a press briefing. “So anything we do in that realm that helps people be more active is something we’re excited about.”

Apple’s new fitness service allows customers to subscribe to workout video made by Apple’s team of experts. Apple announced the new service at its “Time Flies” event which also included a brand new iPad Air, iPad 8h gen, Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, and the Apple One service bundle.

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