Xcode 12.2 beta 1 brings Apple Silicon support

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Today Apple released the first beta of Xcode 12.2, skipping entirely Xcode 12.1. The release shows that Apple is moving to prepare all developers for the launch of its first Apple Silicon Mac, expected to debut in November as evident by multiple new features for app development on ARM equipped Macs.

According to the release notes, developers can now develop iOS, watchOS, and tvOS apps on Macs with Apple Silicon. Alongside that, developers can now sign iOS apps for distribution on Macs with Apple Silicon.

Xcode can now sign iOS apps for development or distribution to Macs with Apple silicon. You must register your Mac with Apple silicon on the Developer website in order to run Mac, iPhone, or iPad apps. Registration requires your Mac’s hardware identifier, which you can find in Xcode’s error message or in the System Information app’s Hardware > Provisioning UDID field. Once you’ve registered your Mac, you can use Xcode’s automatic signing or manually sign apps to run on the device. (54476962, 65752056)

Xcode now supports iOS, tvOS, and watchOS development on Macs with Apple silicon. (64317985, 65077539, 65701094)

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