YouTube quietly yanks picture-in-picture support for mobile website on iOS 14, workaround is thankfully available

youtube removing pip supprot for mobile website rect

With iOS 14 Apple brought PiP or picture-in-picture to the iPhone, allowing users to user watch videos in a small window on their device while they perform tasks in other apps. Until today, users would be able to use the feature on YouTube’s mobile website on iPhone as the native app has yet adopted support.

Out of nowhere, however, YouTube changed something server-side making the feature unusable. As MacRumors reports:

As of today, that workaround is gone, and it’s not clear if it’s a bug or a deliberate removal. Attempting to use Picture in Picture on a video on the mobile YouTube website simply doesn’t work. Tapping the Picture in Picture button when in full screen mode pops the video out for a second, but it immediately pops back into the website, so it can’t be used as a Picture in Picture window.

The feature was working until earlier today, and with no iOS updates, this seems to be a deliberate move by YouTube to limit the feature. Whatever YouTube did change however only impacted iPhone users as PiP still works for its website on the iPad. Thankfully, there is a workaround, on Safari request the desktop version of and PiP should function as normal.

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