Apple revokes iOS 14.2 beta 1 for iPhone 11 and iPhone XR, says support coming in a later beta

apple revoking ios 14.2 beta 1 for ip 11 and xr Rect

This week Apple released iOS 14.2 beta 1, skipping over iOS 14.1 which will likely be a standard update with no beta testing. The new beta includes a major redesign to the Now Playing section in Control Center and the lock screen, alongside deeper system integration for Shazam.

Release notes at the time of the beta being released on Thursday indicated that the newly released iPad 8th gen. would not be supported. However, quietly since Apple has revoked the new beta for the iPhone XR and iPhone 11. The release notes now state:

iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and iPad (8th generation) are not supported in iOS & iPadOS 14.2 beta at this time. Support will be added soon.

According to a Reddit user the beta update was appearing as an update on their iPhone XR the day it was released, however now even with the profile installed it states iOS 14.0 is the latest update. While Apple is not stating why it was revoked, multiple Reddit users state that they were experiencing errors when downloading and attempting to install the new betas on their iPhone 11s and iPhone XRs.

If you currently have an iPhone 11 and iPhone XR running the latest beta, you won’t see any difference. iPhone 11 and iPhone XR users who are on the iOS 14.0 public release or older with the beta profile installed will now instead not see iOS 14.2 beta 1 as an update.

Interestingly the release notes for the beta on Thursday also said that support for the iPad 8th gen would be added next week, now it states support for all the devices will be coming soon. The change in wording could indicate Apple will not release a new beta next week to focus on more stability and fixing the issues experienced by the devices.

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