India faces MacBook Air and MacBook Pro shortage as demand remains unusually high

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This week Apple announced that its online store in India would launch on September 23rd, giving Indian customers their first direct way to purchase products from the tech-giant themselves. Apple still does not have an official Apple Stoe in the country, forcing loyal Apple users to resort to using authorized Apple retailers.

Those authorized retailers however have increasingly come under strain as demand for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and even 2020 iPads are unusually high. Indian Express reports that major authorized retailers are running out of stock of MacBook models as demand, driven by work-from-home procedures increases.

“There are a lot of queries we get every single day, especially for the new iPads and the 2020 MacBooks,” a marketing executive who works at the top Apple Premium Reseller store said. “For both of these products, the stock has been the issue, for two months – but MacBooks stock has come in between. We did get around 200 units but all sold out due to high demand.”

Major retailers such as Vijay Sales, iWorld, Unicorn, Reliance Digital, and Flipkart are either running low or are completely out of stock of models in the MacBook lineup. An iWorld store employee told Indian Express that they don’t have a single MacBook in stock and that the shortages were a direct result of the COVID19 pandemic.

Another employee for Reliance Digital says they’re expecting new stock of Apple products, however have yet received confirmation on when they will arrive. The shortages however are only affecting Apple’s more recent low-end MacBook and MacBook Pro models. For example, Apple’s most high-end 16-inch Macbook Pro remains in stock for Amazon India and Flipkart, however, with a starting price of Rs 2,00,000, it’s out of reach for many customers.

Unfortunately, there is no timetable for when Indian customers can expect to see widely available stock. COVID19, tough international travel restrictions, and struggling economies will prove a challenge for Apple and its suppliers to keep up with the demand. Apple is however promising 72-hour deliveries anywhere in India across 13000 PIN codes once its online Apple Store launches.

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