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iOS 14 was released on September 16, 2020. Along with a whole new operating system, iOS 14 came with new Home Screen widgets. Widgets are arguably the best new feature Apple created for iOS 14. That’s why we decided to gather a list of all of the apps that currently support this iOS 14 Widget API.

If you would like to add an app below, let us know! We love to find out apps are supporting this new iOS 14 feature!

We have three lists below:
  1. General List of Widget supported apps
  2. Popular Apps with iOS 14 Widgets
  3. Apple Terminal Favorites

General list of Widget supported apps

  1. Apollo for Reddit
  2. Aviary for Twitter
  3. CARROT Weather (Graphic coming soon)
  4. Calendar by Readdle (Graphic coming soon)
  5. Documents by Readdle (Graphic coming soon)
  6. DuckDuckGo (Graphic coming soon)
  7. Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car (Graphic coming soon)
  8. Google
  9. Kahoot (Graphic coming soon)
  10. Launcher with Multiple Widgets (Graphic coming soon)
  11. Neptune (TestFlight) (Graphic coming soon)
  12. Microsoft OneDrive (Graphic coming soon)
  13. PDF Expert by Readdle (Graphic coming soon)
  14. Parcel (Graphic coming soon)
  15. Pi Stats Mobile (Graphic coming soon)
  16. Scanner Pro (Graphic coming soon)
  17. Spark by Readdle (Graphic coming soon)
  18. Things 3
  19. Twitch (Graphic coming soon)
  20. WaterMinder (Graphic coming soon)
  21. Weather – The Weather Channel (Graphic coming soon)
  22. Wikipedia

Apollo for Reddit


Aviary for Twitter




Things 3




Apple Terminal Favorites

  1. Brief: just the news you need (Graphic coming soon)
  2. IMDB (Graphic coming soon)
  3. TuneTrack (Graphic coming soon)
  4. Soor (Graphic coming soon)

This list is ongoing and constantly updated. If you would like to add an app below, let us know! Follow us on Twitter for all the iOS 14 updates and Apple news!

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