Apple to begin mass shipments of mini-LED displays for the iPad and MacBook next year; Kuo

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Ming Chi-Kuo is out with a brand new investors note today seen by Apple Terminal in which he says Apple will start mass shipments of mini-LED displays for the iPad and MacBook in 2021, instead of 2022. Kuo says that the new mass shipments will be handled by supplier Sanan Optoelectronics.

Kuo states that while he believes Epistar will be Apple’s exclusive supplier for mini-LED displays in 2021, he also that Apple will continue to look for new suppliers. Sanan Optoelectronics is top on the list of alternatives due to its better schedule for development and lower costs. According to Kuo Sanan will hold 20-30% of Apple’s mini-LED market in 2021 and 45-55% in 2022. Kuo previously mentioned that Sana would hold 0% and 10-20% for each year respectively, now changing course.

Thanks to Apple’s shift towards Sanan, the unit costs for mini-LED displays have gone from $75-$85 USD to less than $45 USD, Kuo says that will lead to better than expected sales of mini-LED iPad and MacBooks. Kuo says he believes that the penetration rate for mini-LED iPads will reach 30-40% in 2021, and 20-30% for the Macbook.

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