Blix voices concern over Apple’s “unfair” practices to the EU

blix letter to the EU on apple rect

App maker Blix is taking its fight against Apple to the European Union, sending a letter to the EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager on Monday to say that Apple is not playing fair, Reuters reports.

In the letter Blix founder Ben Volach says “It is clear to us that Apple is not playing fair,” and says that the point of the letter is to dispel any misconception put forward by Apple, emphasizing that the App Store is not a level playing field and that all developers are not treated equally. Blix which owns BlueMail, an app that was at the center of APp Store controversy earlier this year says their experience is proof of Apple’s unfair behavior.

The letter comes at an already troublesome time for Apple and the EU. Currently, Vestgera is investing Apple as part of ongoing investigations on the App Store, and the iPhone mobile payment system including NFC.

Her ultimate goal is to lessen the restrictions and influence that tech-giants have on online platforms. Vestager plans to announce new rules by the end of the year called the “Digital Services Act” to make American tech-giants play fairer and more equally.

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