Apple confirms iOS 14 bug that resets default apps after restart, promises fix in future software update

apple conrifming ios 14 bug for defualt apps Rect

On iOS 14 Apple is giving users the freedom to select a default email and browser app other than its own Safari and Mail. Late last week following the public release of iOS and iPadOS 14 users began to notice that after restarting your device, your default email, and browser settings reset.

The bug would remove whatever default app users would have and would instead select Safari and Mail. The bug quickly sparked questions that the move was intentional by Apple to force users to use their apps instead of others, given the company has been reluctant in the first place to offer users the feature.

Now however Apple in a statement to CNET has confirmed they’re aware of the behavior, confirming it is a bug that will be fixed to users in a future iOS 14 update. CNET contacted Google and Microsoft for a comment on the situation with their respective browser and email apps, however, neither responded. DuckDuckGo said they’re aware of the issue and hope that it will be resolved soon. Mozilla said it is working directly with Apple to fix the issue with its Firefox browser.

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