Microsoft remains committed to bringing xCloud to Apple platforms

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Microsoft says it remains committed to bringing its video-game streaming service, xCloud to Apple’s platform, 2 weeks after Apple changed App Store policy. Apple’s new policy states that video-game streamings services can be added onto the App Store, as long as each game is vetted through the App Store Review Process.

Microsoft’s Xbox chief Phil Spencer said in an interview on Monday that the company hears the outpouring of customer support for Apple’s platforms and that it still remains committed.

“We’re committed to bringing xCloud to all mobile endpoints, including Apple’s big ecosystem,” he said. “For customers out there — and I see it on Twitter all the time, people asking — they can just know we will get there. We remain committed.”


While there is hope that the service will make its way to Apple devices soon, it won’t be perfect. Apple’s new policy doesn’t encompass what Microsoft has envisioned for its service. Microsoft hopes xCloud will be a one-stop-shop for the games offered, Apple’s proposal would require each game to be available via the App Store, defeating the purpose.

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