Series 6 teardown reveals a thinner design with larger battery and Taptic Engine

sereis 6 teardown rect

Repair company iFixit has released its official teardown of the Apple Watch Series 6, announced nearly one week ago at Apple’s “Time Flies” events. Design-wise the watch remains the same, however, the teardown today reveals that this year Apple Watch os actually thinner. The teardown also reveals that Apple was able to add a larger battery, and a larger Taptic Engine, despite the reduced thickness.

  • The modified case and lack of Force Touch gasket probably accounts for the fact that this year’s model is a hair thinner, with overall thickness at 10.4 mm (down from 10.74 mm last year).
  • Apple somehow packed more battery and more Taptic Engine into a (barely) smaller design. Impressive!
  • Despite the almost imperceptibly thinner design, Apple packed in brand-new sensors in addition to the larger-capacity battery and beefier Taptic Engine.

As with every teardown iFixit rates each product with a reparaibility score based on how easy or hard it is to open and repair a device yourself. The Series 6 got a 6 as its scores, the company notes that the process for replacing the battery is straightforward but that certain cabling requires micro-soldering if torn or ripped.

You can checkout iFixit’s full teardown here.

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