Add custom iOS app icons without Shortcuts and its transitions

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Last week we published a report outlining the steps to create custom iOS app icons using Shortcuts. The method we explained and the method used by the majority of people requires however a quick transition from Shortcuts to the app itself. For many that transition ruins the experience and is simply not worth it.

But, there is a workaround as shared by Apple YouTuber iDeviceHelp. This method, unlike Shortcuts doesn’t allow you to use whatever icon you wish. Instead, it requires you to install a theme (yes, this is iOS, not Android). To start head over to which has a decent variety of different theme packs for you to choose.

Each pack includes a certain number of stock and 3rd party app icons. Certain themes may not have the app you want, if so, keep looking. Once you find a theme that fits your preference, you’ll want to select which app icons you want to install. Once done, press Generate Theme which will create an iOS profile with the new icons that will install on your device. You’ll get prompted to verify the installation of the profile in Settings, after which you’ll notice your new icons on your homescreen.

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You’ll notice that when you click on the new icons there is still a redirect. While it is shorter and less visually noticeable than the Shortcuts transition, you still can turn it off with some sacrifices. In order to get rid of the transition completely you’ll want to head into Settings, Accessibility, Motion, and enable Reduce Motion and Prefer Cross Fade Transition. While this does eliminate the transitions, it also removes system-wide animations. So it’s a loss and gain at the same time.

You can checkout iDeviceHelp’s video tutorial below.

Installing unverified profiles from the web may result in risks. Do not under any circumstance install something that seems suspicious or illegal. Apple Terminal recommends that you do this at your own risk, and are not liable for any damages caused.

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