Apple Music beta on Android gains crossfade before iOS does

apple music crossfade on android rect

As pointed out on Reddit, the latest version of Apple Music beta on Android includes crossfade, which allows for songs to fade in and out of each other, with the ability to customize crossfade duration. That feature, missing from iOS and iPadOS.

Reddit users were quick to point out that Apple seems to be adding new features to its Android version of Apple Music before offering it to its own customer base. Apple launched Apple Music on Android in 2015 as a way to capture people into its ecosystem of services even if they don’t own Apple devices.

It seems that despite other music services on iOS such as Spotify including the feature, Apple feels its more important for its Android customers first. However, it could also be a simple timing issue. Apple released the first version of iOS 14.2 last week and the new crossfade feature could make its way to iOS users in a future beta update.

Frankly, we can only hope that the addition of the feature on Android is a sign it’s on its way to iOS 14, and won’t be the biggest new change in iOS 15 (alongside one new wallpaper of course).

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