Pennsylvania launches COVID19 contact tracing app with Apple/Google API

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Today the state of Pennsylvania officially launched its COVID19 contact tracing app using the Google and Apple exposure notification API.

The new app which went live on the App Store on Tuesday will help authorities identify possible exposure to COVID19. The app was developed and will be maintained via a $1.9 million contract with Ireland-based developers NearForm Ltd.

Given COVID19 restrictions are lifted in the US, citizens are free to cross state boarders which presents a challenge if different apps from different states aren’t able to exchange information. That information being who was possible exposure to the virus, when, and where. Pennsylvania says its app will be able to share information with Delaware’s official contact tracing app and will work with other apps made by NearForm Ltd.

The state’s health authority made this quick informative video to explain the absolute basics of the app which can be downloaded here for Pennsylvanian residents.

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