Twitter rolls out updated share sheet with easier access to 3rd party apps

twitter for ios updated share menu rect

In August Twitter began testing an updated share menu for its iOS app giving users options to share tweets beyond the constraints of the app itself such as Messages, WhatsApp, or Messenger.

After that testing period, Twitter announced today that the new share menu is available to all on iOS. As before there are quick toggles to access your recent DM conversations and other Twitter users, however, on the bottom there is now a new row with multiple options. Twitter isn’t allowing you to customize which apps appear, so for now it’s limited to Messages, Messenger, Telegram, Gmail, Mail, and Bookmarks.

The options however do adjust in order with the most recent appearing first, so if you use a specific app the most, you’ll see it front and enter. The new update also gives you access to the iOS share sheet by pressing “Share via”.

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