Apple releases Schoolwork 2.1 beta with new APIs for developers

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Via a developer release on its website, Apple today announced Schoolwork 2.1 beta, as per the note the new update includes a brand new ClassKit Catalog API for developers allowing for more content discoverability, as per the note:

The latest version of Schoolwork, the powerful iPad app for teachers and students that helps them keep track of assignments and student progress, is now available. Make sure your app takes advantage of the latest ClassKit features to provide a great user experience. With the new ClassKit Catalog API, you can declare contexts ahead of time instead of at runtime, include keywords, and support a large number of assignable activities. Teachers can browse your app’s activities in Schoolwork before running your app for the first time on their device. Available in beta, this REST API can be tested with Schoolwork 2.1. And on iPadOS 14, ClassKit supports rich new metadata properties to make your content more discoverable by teachers in Schoolwork.

Schoolwork is Apple’s app that allows teachers to monitor students, keep track of assignments, and work collaboratively with students. It was originally announced in March of 2018 and officially rolled out months later in June. Developers can download Schoolwork 2.1 beta here, and learn more about its new Catalog API here.

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