iOS 14 homescreen customization apps reach 5.7 million downloads

5.7 million downlaods for ios 14 homescreen apps rect

Apps that enable users to customize their iOS 14 homescreens with custom widgets have reached 5.7 millions downloads according to new data from Sensor Tower, reported via TechCrunch. While the total top 20 apps have 5.7 million downloads, 95% come from only WidgetSmith, Color Widgets, and Photo Widgets.

All the apps include “Widgetsmith, Color Widgets, Photo Widget, Photobox Widget, MemoWidget, Home Photo Widget, Motivation Widget, Ermine, Date Today, Hey Weather, TimeDeck, Widgeridoo, Glimpse 2, Widget Wizard, Widget Web, Locket, ItemMemo, OMDZ, Clock Widget for Home Screen, and Photo Widgets.”

Al the apps combined have generated $400,000 in consumer spending between September 17th and September 20th with WidgetSmitch accounting for $370,000. WidgetSmith for those who haven’t heard of it is an app that allows you to create completely customizable widgets including custom images, layouts, and more.

Due to Apple’s incredibly short notice of iOS 14’s launch, developers were given less than 24 hours to prepare their apps for the operating systems public release. Given, apps have been slow to adopt widgets however more are becoming available. You can checkout out comprehensive list of iOS 14 widgets here.

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