Twitter begins testing voice messages within DM conversations, cause Twitter isn’t already annoying enough.

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If you thought Twitter DMs were annoying already, brace yourself. Twitter has begun testing voice messages within DMs, The Verge reports. The feature will start testing first in Brazil, and will presumably roll out to more countries depending on feedback from the test. The feature works as you’d expect with a 20 second limit for the message themselves, as The Verge explains:

Similar to voice tweets, voice messages have a bare-bones, simple interface: there’s just a play / pause button, and the sender’s avatar pulsates as the message plays. The product team designed an “in-line recording experience to make it easier to send these messages as part of the natural conversation flow,” so that’s one difference from the current audio tweets interface. There’s a “report message” option in the event that someone misuses voice DMs.

Twitter attempted something similar earlier this summer with voice tweets. Voice tweets allows users to record themselves and tweet it out, rather self-explanatory. However, the company quickly faced backlash due to the features lack of support for people with hard of hearing or who are deaf. The feature included no way to add subtitles or a transcript. In response, Twitter’s design chief Dantley Davis said in an interview that they were working to improve accessibility for the feature.

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