Apple purchased popular podcasts Scout FM earlier in the year

apple purcashisng scout fm rect

Bloomberg reports that earlier this year Apple bought Scout FM, a podcasts app that rethinks the podcast listening experience into radio stations. As per the report:

While podcast apps, including Apple’s, traditionally work by letting users pick an individual podcast to listen to, Scout FM created podcast stations on various topics. For example, if a person is interested in sports, the app would create a station that mixed together a curated selection of sports podcasts.

An Apple spokesperson confirmed the purchase to Bloomberg however as normal declined to comment on further details. Scout FM was a popular app amongst CarPlay users where it would work with Siri and was optimized for Amazon Alexa. After the purchase earlier this year however Apple shut down the app.

Earlier in the year Bloomberg reported that Apple is looking to develop original podcasts that would tie into its Apple TV+ service. Apple may decide to include some of Scout FM’s features into that podcast service. Podcasts are an increasingly important area for Apple as competition from Spotify heats up with exclusive deals such as that with Joe Rogan.

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