Asking Siri “Where are the terrorists” showed you a list of local police stations, Apple apologizes.

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Apple is under renewed backlash after it was revealed that for a period of time overnight on September 22nd-23rd, asking Siri “Where are the terrorists” would trigger the virtual assistance to list the nearest police stations. The behavior was noted by dozens of Twitter users who were quick to demand an answer from Apple over the response from its virtual assistance.

According to social media reports the behavior was not locked to a specific city or country. As with many Apple scandals such as these, politically charged comments are in the vast. Given the current political tension around police officers in light of the Black Lives Matter protest, the response from Siri to some is proof of Apple’s “anti-police sentiment”.

Apple Responds

Apple has since issued a statement to Fast Company apologizing for the error and providing some more clarity as to why it happened:

“Siri directs users to the police when they make requests that indicate emergency situations. In this case, Siri misinterpreted the query as users wanting to report terrorist activity to police. The issue has been fixed, and we apologize for the error.”

Apple Statement to Fast Company
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