iOS 14.2 beta shows possible sign of Apple Card expansion into Canada

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Prior to Apple’s “Times Flies” September 15th event, rumors were swirling that it would announce a major expansion of Apple Card to more countries around the world. That did not come to fruition, however, it’s still very likely Apple will expand its premier credit card services in the near future.

Like most of Apple’s services, at launch their limited to either US or Canadain users. In Apple Cards case, it’s been restricted to US customers only. While Apple has to tackle local restrictions and regulations for most of its services such as the App Store to work in other countries, Apple Card is uniquely different.

Each country has very specific and sometimes strict rules and regulations that banks and credit card providers must follow. In addition, Apple cannot independently issue credit cards but instead must partner with a licensed bank in order to do so. In the United States that bank is Goldman Sachs, in other countries and regions, it may vary.

Needless to say that Apple Card’s expansion is a bigger hassle for Apple to carry out than most understand. However, it seems that Apple may be planning to launch Apple Card in Canada. iPhone in Canada reports that some users are seeing Apple Card setup screens on iOS 14.2 beta 1, released last week.

The splash screens are blank and offer users a simple button to continue with setup, however, attempting to do so prompts in an error. Neither Apple Terminal nor iPhone in Canada have been able to independently see the splash screen for ourselves. But, that doesn’t mean that it may not appear for some users, and if it does, it may not hold any real significance beyond a potential software bug.

Unrelated to iOS 14.2, Apple’s Canadian website has had posted instructions on how to set up Apple Card since July, however, information on the page still references being a lawful US resident with a physical US address. Apple also filed the Apple Card and Apple Pay Cash brand names in patent applications in Canada last year.

If Apple is indeed planning to roll out an expansion of Apple Card, either to Canada or other countries, it could take place at its iPhone 12 keynote event. Apple is expected to announce an October 13th keynote event next week where it will reveal the iPhone 12 and AirTags, updates to services such as Apple Card and Apple TV+ would not be surprising.

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