Apple suspends 30% in-app purchase cut for apps offering online events/experiences due to COVID19

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The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has suspended collecting its 30% commission for in-app purchases for apps offering paid online events and experiences. Per the report:

Apple Inc.said it is giving some businesses a reprieve from paying a 30% commission on paid events and experiences through mobile apps, a move that comes as the App Store owner faces scrutiny from software developers and regulators over how its digital marketplace operates.

The Wall Street Journal

The exemption only applies to apps that had to switch from physical services to online services due to COVID19. For example, if you offered physical cooking classes before the pandemic but had to switch online, you’re now exempt from giving Apple a cut from in-app purchases made. If you’ve been offering online events/experiences even before the pandemic, then you are still stuck with Apple’s cut.

Apple says it will “closely monitor any customer issues and contact developers to quickly and decisively resolve any that arise”. Earlier today Apple gave Facebook a leave on its 30% cut following complaints from the social media giant that the commissions were hurting small businesses.

“The App Store provides a great business opportunity for all developers, who use it to reach half a billion visitors each week across 175 countries,” Apple said in a statement. “To ensure every developer can create and grow a successful business, Apple maintains a clear, consistent set of guidelines that apply equally to everyone.”

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