Create a custom wallpaper on iOS using Shortcuts

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Wallpapers used to be one of the only unique ways you could personalize your iPhone. With iOS 14, that’s changed thanks to the introduction of widgets and the new custom icon trend. Regardless, wallpapers are still important and a fundamental part of making your iPhone, or iPad, yours.

Finding good wallpapers is hard, and despite the endless amount of image choices available online, sometimes you want something simple and unique. Thankfully, a Shortcut created by MacStoreis editor Federico Vitcci called WallCreator allows you to create custom unique gradient wallpapers. WallCreator itself is straight and simple, offering the ability to create a random wallpaper based on random colors or to choose your own.

WallCreator for iOS 14.

There are 7 options in total, the first, “Random Color” will create a solid wallpaper based on a random color. This is great if you want to have a cleaner homescreen look with a simple solid background. The “Random Gradient” option will create a diagonal wallpaper based on two colors that subtly merge in the middle, and “Random Gradient (Top to Bottom)” will do the same vertically.

For me however, the true magic comes with the ability to choose your own colors. The last 3 choices serve the same core functionality as the random options, however this time you get to choose your own colors. Choosing any of the options will prompt you with a text box where you will enter whatever color you’d like either in its standard HTML name (red, green, white) or in its standard Hex color code. Once you’re done, the shortcut will generate a wallpaper based on your color choices and you’ll see it via Quick Look.

At launch Shortcuts had a built-in action that would automatically set an image as a wallpaper. However Apple has since removed it, but if they do bring it back you could utilize it to have WallCreator make your custom image your wallpaper automatically.

Until then, you’ll have to save the image within Quick Look to your camera roll and set it as your wallpaper manually. Lastly, thanks to the new Shortcut app widgets on iOS 14, you can easily run WallCreator right from your homescreen. You can download and learn more about WallCreator here.

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