Apple removes 2 popular RSS reader apps from Chinese App Store

aple removing 2 popular rss apps frm chinsese app store rect

In October of 2017, Apple removed the popular RSS reader app Inoreader from the App Store in China due to it being considered illegal in China. China who has tough rules around apps and content moderation claimed the app did not follow the local law.

Following suit with Inoreader’s removal in 2017, Fiery Feeds and Reeder, two other popular RSS apps announced that they too received the same notice from Apple informing them they’ve been removed in the Chinese App Store. Apple is known to remove apps from the App Store in China on the demand of the Chinese government, which has lead it to some controversial waters.

According to the latest numbers from Apple themselves, China ranks highest with the number of app removal requests with 47 for July to December of 2019. According to Apple, 203 apps were included in total and 45 App Store apps were taken down as a result of the requests.

Fiery Feeds, Reeder, and Inoreader remain available in all other App Store markets as none of the apps directly violate Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines.

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