Emails show Apple had clear intent to disable Sign in with Apple for Fortnite users, contradicting public statements

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A report earlier today, citing unnamed Apple sources stated that from Apple’s point of view, Epic’s claim that it was going to disable Sign in with Apple for Fortnite users was false. When Epic announced that Apple would be disabling SIWA for users, there was little to no doubt in the legitimacy of that statement.

Shortly after, Epic announced that Apple had provided it an “indefinite extension,” allowing the service to continue functioning as normal. Despite Epic’s public acknowledgment that Apple had moved to stop the service from working, Apple told The Verge that it was not doing anything of that nature.

On August 28th Apple disabled Epic Games’ Apple developer account due to their violation of App Store Guidelines. An email sent to Epic from one of Apple’s lawyers, Richard J. Doren states that because of Epic’s violation of App Store Guidelines, Apple “is entirely within its right to terminate” it’s developer account and “all related functionality,” including Sign in with Apple.

Apple goes on to state, “but Sign in with Apple will continue to function for Apple customers for the next two weeks”. The context of the paragraph, which states terminating Epic’s developer account and “all related functionality,” is proof Apple had initially intended to disable Sign in with Apple but decided to keep it working for an additional two weeks. On top of that, another communication from Apple to Epic on September 10th states clearly Apple had motives to disable SIWA:

Nonetheless, as indicated in my letter to Katherine Forrest on that date, Apple voluntarily allowed an extra two weeks before it terminates Epic Games, Inc.’s access to SIWA.

Apple Lawyer

In that same communication on September 10th, Apple’s lawyer says that Apple engineers had provided Epic with a solution for its existing users who use Sign in with Apple to migrate to a different login method. According to that email, Epic had implemented Apple’s suggestion on September 9th and that because of its late implementation, Apple will “will leave SIWA in place for the time being”.

All of this is pure, indisputable evidence that Apple was moving in the direction to terminate Epic’s access to Sign in with Apple, but decided to delay the termination, exactly what Epic had stated on September 9th. Having said that, Apple’s denial that it intended to disable SIWA to The Verge and today’s earlier report citing “sources” are all alarming.

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