iPhone 12 series to include 5 models, not 4, according to a new report

iphone 12 having 5 not 4 models rect

We are now weeks away from seeing Apple’s 2020 iPhone lineup, and like with every year’s lineup there has been a plethora of leaks and rumors about what Apple has in store. A rumor that has rarely has been disputed is the lineup itself, Jon Prosser and other “leakers” are all reporting 4 iPhones in this year’s lineup: iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

However, a new report from winfuture.de aims to shed doubt on those claims. Citing sources from an unnamed “dealer,” the report says that this year’s lineup will feature 5 handsets, with an entry, low-cost model featuring a “wide-range of colors,” much like the iPhone 11 and XR.

As for storage, Jon Prosser reports the “iPhone 12 mini”, which is likely what this report is referencing as low the entry-model will begin at 64GB and be offered in 128GB and 256GB variants. The report goes on to state that the remaining 4 devices will begin at 128GB, contradicting credible leaker Jon Prosser who states the “iPhone 12” model will begin at 64GB instead.

It’s unrealistic to believe that this late in the rumor cycle, a 5th iPhone 12 would have not been previously leaked. Cryptic leaker @l0vetodream reported recently that the lowest-end “iPhone 12” model would be called the “iPhone 12 mini”. Whichever source winfuture.de is claiming to have received this information is likely confusing the “iPhone 12 mini” as an addition to the lineup, instead of a rename of the lower end “iPhone 12”.

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