Apple closes Apple Store in France due to COVID19 outbreak amongst staffers

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Apple has shuttered its Vélizy 2 Apple Store in Vélizy-vVllacoublay, France after an undisclosed amount of Apple Store employees tested positive for COVID19. In a statement to MacGenerations Apple says the store will remain temporarily closed “as a precaution”.

We always prioritize the health and well-being of our customers and teams. Our stores are only open when we are sure that we can serve customers in a safe and healthy environment. As a precaution, we temporarily close our Vélizy 2 shop after some team members have been positive at Covid-19. We look forward to reopening the store soon.

Apple Statement

Customers who had scheduled appointments at the store this week whether for device pickup or repair were notified via email that it will be closed. According to the store’s page on Apple’s website, the closure will last until at least October 11th, however, may continue if deemed necessary.

Last week Apple closed its Manchester Trafford Centre store after at least one Apple Store employee tested positive for the virus.

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