Facebook says Apple is putting the ad-business model “under assault” with new privacy changes

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iOS 14 includes a major change that requires developers to ask for a user’s permission up-front if they are okay to be tracked across apps and websites for ad purposes. Facebook voiced concerns that the feature would significantly hurt its ad business, so in response, Apple delayed it.

Despite the delay giving Facebook and others extra time to prepare alternative means of ad-tracking, Facebook is now saying Apple’s privacy stance puts the personalized advertising business “under assault,” as CNBC reports:

Fischer, speaking at a virtual Advertising Week session Tuesday morning, spoke about the changes after being asked about Facebook’s vulnerability to the companies that control mobile platforms, like Apple and Google, which runs Android.

Fischer argued that though there’s “angst and concern” about the risks of technology, personalized and targeted advertising has been essential to help the internet grow.

Fischer says that Facebook plans to “defend” Apple’s existing model, joining the ranks of Instagram who pledged to do the same. Fischer goes on to state that Apple sells “luxury hardware” and services to people who can afford it, bashing Apple for then attempting to dictate other business models.

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