Instagram giving users the ability to change app icon for 10th birthday celebration

cusotme instagram ap icon rect

Today Instagram turns 10. And in celebration of its 10th birthday, the company is rolling out a number of new features for users. Amongst the features is a smaller easter egg, perfectly timed with the iOS 14 “customize my iPhone trend,” the ability to change the app’s icon!

To access the new icon options head over into Settings, and swipe down from the top. You’ll see some emojis and animations and if you continue, eventually you’ll be prompted with the screen to customize your app icon. Here’s a video of it in action.

As The Verge points out, it doesn’t seem this feature is staying forever. The messaging in the app says “this month,” so it’s possible Instagram removes the feature after October. Although given the hype around widgets and custom app icons, they could decide to keep them around.

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