Apple employees clearly support Joe Biden for President instead of Pres. Trump

employess supprting jode biden for presidentt

The US 2020 Presidental Election is less than 30 days aways between US President Donald J. Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden. The election coming amid the COVID19 pandemic and the awakening of racial injustice movements has already proven to be a tough battle between the two candidates.

Apple has historically been democratic in its policy and stance towards human rights, LGBTQ, and immigration. CEO Tim Cook unlike his predecessor Steve Jobs has been very vocal with social issues, publicizing his disagreement with policies set forth by President Trump and taking part in Presidental visits to Apple factories in the United States.

Apple employees like all American citizens have a civic duty to partake in elections by voting and donating to political parties and campaigns. Now, less than a month away from this year’s election, data collected by opensecrets, shows just how much the majority of Apple employees support Democratic nominee Joe Biden. According to the data collected by the site, Apple employees donated nearly $600,000 to the Vice President’s bid for the Presidency, compared to only $38,000 to President Trump.

For Presidental and congressional elections, Apple employees have collectively donated $2,170,450 to Democratic candidates, vs. only $132,035 to Republican ones. 70% of those donations went to incumbent candidates.

For the Presidential election, this year’s donations aren’t significantly different than the 2016 cycle. In 2016 Apple staffers collectively donated to $682,189 to Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President, and only $5,041 to now-President Trump. For the 2016 cycle, the top Republican candidate’s employees donated to was Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

This year Apple is giving employees paid time off on election day to vote and/or volunteer at polling stations. Following President Trumps’ victory in 2016 CEO Tim Cook sent a company-wide memo to staff calling for unity, and it’s possible in the case of a relection for Pres. Trump, he may do the same.

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