Apple accused of monopolizing mobile gaming market in brand new lawsuit

apple accused of monopolizing mobile gaming market rect

Apple is facing a lawsuit that accuses it of monopolizing the mobile gaming market by making it harder for potential competitors to its own gaming service, Apple Arcade, to appear on the App Store.

The complaint was submitted by Apple Arcade subscriber John Pistachio in New Jersey, in the complaint, Pischoatio claims that Apple’s monopolization of the mobile gaming market results in higher prices and fewer choices for users.

The lawsuit comes after drama surrounding Microsoft, Google, and Facebook each facing difficulties in getting their respective gaming service onto the Apple App Store. More recently, Microsoft is unable to get xCloud onto the App Store. However, The Verge reports that the service will come to the platform via a web app.

Following the concerns from bigger companies, Apple changed its App Store policy to state that such gaming service can be deployed onto the App Store, but that each game offered via the service must be vetted as a normal iOS app. That in many ways defeats the purpose of having an all-encompassing service that the companies are envisioning.

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