Apple executive says A14 chip is a”big win” for Apple

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Apple’s Vice President of Platform Architecture Tim Millet, and Tom Boger who serves as the Senior Director of Mac and iPad Product Marketing talk about the new 4th gen. iPad Air and Apple Silicon Macs in a brand new interview on the Upgrade podcast.

Tom says that with the new 4th gen. iPad Air, and the 2020 iPad Pro, this year has been a massive year for the iPad lineup and the volution of the product itself. The newer iPad Air brings many Pro features to the lower-end model, including a larger screen, trackpad, and Apple Pencil support. Tom says that the iPad Pro is about “pushing the limits” for what an iPad can do, vs. the iPad Air which includes features that Apple believes will settle well with the average user.

Staying on the topic of the iPad, Tom says that the iPad’s incredible “all-day battery life” is thanks to “Apple’s relentless push” with Apple Silicon in terms of power consumption and efficiency. Tim who runs the Apple Silicon team also explains the new 5nm size of the A14 chip. It is important to note that while the 4th gen. iPad Air does include the A14 Bionic chip, the chipset’s bigger debut will be on Tuesday with the launch of the iPhone 12.

“It {5nm A14 chip} is a big win for us because it allows us to put more transistors down in a similar size. Think about a piece of silicon where the chips are diced out of a 12-inch wafer, and the smaller the chip, the more parts you can get inside. What this allows us to do allows is add more features and improve the energy efficiency…”

The full interview which goes into more depth about Apple Silicon from a technical standpoint can be found here.

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