Longest-serving Apple employee shares interesting Apple Park tidbits

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Chris Espinosa joined Apple in Steve Job’s garage when he was only 14 years old, officially the 8th employee for the now $1+ trillion company. To this day, at 59 years old Chris is the longest-serving Apple employee and currently servers as a Senior staff member. Today Chris shared photos from where Apple began, right in Steve’s garage, to where it is now in its mega-campus, Apple Park.

Chris in the thread also provides some interesting insight into Apple Park. Chris says that the inner ring of the 1st floor of Apple Park is completely uninterpreted if all of the doors are opened, making it a huge open ring. As for moving between the different parts of the campus, Chris says that the best way to move around the same section of the Park is by using the closest available ring.

If you’re moving one section or over, use the inner ring, and to move to any other section you can use paths that cut through the center. Chris also adds that many employees use the outer ring which is one mile per circuit as a jogging tracking.

The entire design of Apple Park is unconventional when compared to other Silicon Valley headquarters. Apple who prides itself on design and seamless integration between its products went to great lengths to ensure that Apple Park is a collaborative space for spontaneous ideas to come to life.

Unfortunately, with the COVID19 pandemic Apple employees have been forced to work from home since at least March. While some staff members, likely executives, and hands-on design teams are working on campus with social distancing and mask mandates, the majority of Apple’s workforce won’t return until at least 2021, according to CEO Tim Cook.

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