AdGuard gets updated with support for macOS Big Sur, new icon and system integration

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macOS Big Sur which still remains in beta is expected to launch to the public sometime this month. While a specific date has yet been confirmed by Apple, the tech-giant could confirm a date tomorrow during its “Hi, Speed” iPhone 12 launch.

Apps that reside on the Mac App Store can’t get updated to support the new software until its official release. Much like with iOS and iPadOS 14, developers can test their apps with new features in beta but must wait before shipping it to users. Given however Mac’s differing app ecosystem, certain developers who offer their apps off the App Store can update their apps at their leisure, with or without the software’s public launch.

Today, AdGuard proved just that. AdGuard which protects and secures your incoming and outgoing traffic released v2.5 today with full support for macOS Big Sur, including a Big Sur-ifed icon. As the developers explain in a blog post, the biggest change is support for Apple’s 2019-new System Extensions and Network Extensions frameworks.

First of all, what are System Extensions? It all started in 2019 when Apple decided to minimize the amount of operations executed in Kernel. The old framework — Kernel Extensions — would no longer be of use. As an alternative, Apple offered System Extensions, and specifically Network Extensions as a framework to run apps that filter traffic.

MacOS 11 (Big Sur) will no longer support the old Kernel Extensions (for the most part), so we added support for the new framework. If you’re already on Big Sur preview, please make sure your AdGuard works in Network Extensions mode: open AdGuard’s menu -> Select Preferences… -> Network -> Select Mode…. “Kernel Extension” mode should be grayed out, and “Network Extension” mode should be selected.

AdGuard in this update also includes the ability for users to add custom proxies and run it within the AdGuard VPN. Alongside the bigger features, the update also includes bug fixes and enhanced filtering. AdGuard 2.5 can be downloaded here.

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